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Nuts About Natives is a small contract based wholesale plant propagation business operating since October 2000. Our focus is on indigenous plants from and for the south-west of Western Australia however we also grow some other Australian plants and South African Proteaceae.

We are a member of the Nursery and Garden Industry of WA (NGIWA) and our nursery is fully accredited by the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA). This means our plants are produced using industry best practise and ensures our clients receive plants of the highest standard.

Each year we propagate hundreds of species for clients including garden centres that specialise in native plants, community groups undertaking revegetation works, local councils, cutflower growers, landscapers, scientific and other government agencies.

Our business is located on a 2.5 ha property 50km south of Perth. Part of our property has been set aside for biodiversity and conservation with more than 120 different species of indigenous flora, more than 40 species of birds plus a great diversity of other wildlife now protected. We developed the business slowly aiming to have as little negative impact on the bushland section that we are lucky enough to have. This appears to be working as seen by the many wild “visitors” and local fauna which are still present and even thriving in harmony with our home and business.

We pay special attention to producing healthy plants with good root systems due to our diligence in pot selection, potting mix and hardening off of plants prior to sale.

As well as contract propagation we also can do Flora surveys of bushland in the South West, advise on species for revegetation works and can collect and supply provenance specific plants to ensure the genetic integrity of wild populations.

We welcome all enquiries.


Ben Croxford BSc (Horticulture) hons
Anouska Cousin BSc (Horticulture) hons


Phone/Fax 9537 2562

Please note

Plants required for winter planting generally need to be ordered by December the previous year (at the latest) to ensure we can source suitable propagation material and grow the plants to a stage that will maximise their survival after planting.

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